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Four Incredible Benefits of MCT & Algae Omega DHA

The key to optimising your health involves reducing inflammation. Algae sourced Omega DHA and MCT are the super anti-inflammatory pair. Together, they can increase your wellbeing by rebalancing your Omega 3 to 6 ratios and super charge your brain and body with clean, keto friendly energy.

1. Reduce Inflammation

Diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s and heart disease are all caused by chronic inflammation, linked to high Omega 6 levels in our diet from processed foods. Reduce your likelihood of a chronic illness by consuming fewer foods with omega 6s (seed oils) and consuming more omega 3s from seafood and algae.

2. Optimize Fat Burning

MCTs from coconuts are a clean burning fuel which promotes ketosis: the fat burning metabolism while preserving lean muscle mass. MCTs increase your absorption of Omega 3 DHA and together they support cardiovascular health and central nervous system function, improve healthy hormone production and help you feel fuller for longer.

3. Boost Your Brain

Did you know that the brain is 65% fat? 50% of which is DHA. We cannot synthesize DHA, you need to consume it. Omega 3 DHA is essential for growing and protecting your brain and MCT feeds your brain with ketones while minimizing cancer causing free radical production. The brain prefers ketones over glucose and your brain needs Omega DHA!

4. Sustainably Vegan

Algae derived DHA is the only viable plant-based source of DHA and is more sustainable than fish oil DHA. Flax, seeds, and nuts are inferior to Algae DHA as they only contain omega 3 ALA, the precursor to DHA, and have a >5% conversion rate to DHA. Fish oils are susceptible to oxidation and can go rancid without you even realizing.

O3Omega® Smoothies Algae DHA is non-oxidized, sustainably sourced, organic, and keto friendly. No fish are harmed during the harvesting of Algae DHA.

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