The purest, most bioavailable plant based Omega 3 DHA!

Our O3Omega® DHA + MCT Smoothie food supplements are packed full of 3000mg MCT and 400mg DHA per serving. We use natural lipids to protect and support the absorption of DHA into your body. Available in the creamy delicious flavours you have been looking for.

Why you need Omega 3 DHA

The fact is that we don't enough seafood and our brains are shrinking because of this. Omega 3 DHA is essential for the normal functioning of your heart, eyes and brain. Our Omega 3 DHA is sustainable sourced from the Schizochytrium algae, the plant richest in Omega 3 DHA.


Brain Fuel

Did you know that the brain is 65% fat? 50% of which is DHA.

We cannot synthesize DHA, you need to consume it. Omega 3 DHA is essential for growing and protecting your brain and the MCT we add feeds your brain with ketones, while minimizing cancer causing free radical production. The brain prefers ketones over glucose and your brain needs Omega 3 DHA!


Reduce Inflammation

Diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s and heart disease are all caused by chronic inflammation, linked to high Omega 6 levels in our diet from processed foods.

You can reduce your likelihood of a chronic illness by consuming fewer foods with omega 6s (seed oils) and consuming more omega 3s from seafood and algae.

Non-Oxidised &

Sustainably Vegan

Algae derived DHA is the only viable plant-based source of DHA.

Flax, seeds, and nuts have a very low conversion rates to DHA. Fish oils are susceptible to oxidation and can go rancid without you even realizing!

O3Omega® Smoothies Algae DHA is non-oxidized, sustainably sourced, organic, and keto friendly. No fish are harmed during the harvesting of our O3Omega DHA.

Four Incredible Benefits

of MCT & Algae Omega DHA

The key to optimizing your health involves reducing inflammation. Algae sourced Omega DHA and MCT are the Super Anti-inflammatory Pair. Increase your wellbeing by rebalancing your Omega 3 to 6 ratios, super charge your brain and body with anti-inflammatory Algae DHA combined with MCT from coconuts.