• Churros Remade!

    New formula and even better flavor

    with the same amount of vitamins in every pouch!

    Indulge yourself in a sugar-free treat, with our

    delicious warm brown sugar and cinnamon spice,

    reminiscent of strolling in parks, carnivals, and fairs!

  • Peach Cobbler Pouches!

    With 3000mg MCT and 400mg DHA,

    still vegan, keto, and sugar-free!

    The delicious flavor of peaches and

    cream, a summertime delight.

    Enjoy frozen or as a topping on cereal,

    toast, smoothies, coffee, and more!

  • No peanuts, no problem!

    Our NOT Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Smoothie

    is the taste you'll remember from childhood!

    Enjoy the nutty taste and berry jam,

    without any peanuts!

    Get the omega-3 essentials you need

    with our 30 count pouch box set!


  • "I don't have time for breakfast and I know I'm not getting enough omega-3 in my diet. Happy to have a way to get what I need without tasting fish all day - and I'm sharper than ever."
    - Shannon, Tulsa, OK
  • "Finally someone has made a supplement that I actually like to take."
    - Michael, Austin Texas
  • "My kids always want something sweet in the morning before school, but I don't like giving them all that sugar. The Smore's flavor is a great compromise - no sugar, tastes fantastic, and the kids feel like they are getting a treat! I call it 'their brain food.' My youngest won't leave the house unless he's had his spoonful, lol."
    - Monica, Los Angeles, CA

What is O3 Smoothies?

Learn why you need the powerful benefits of omega-3 essential fatty acids and how O3 Smoothies delivers what you need in a way that tastes amazing!

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