There’s Something Fishy in your Supplements: Beware of Rancid Fish Oil Capsules!

There’s Something Fishy in your Supplements: Beware of Rancid Fish Oil Capsules!

Did you know that Fish Oil Capsules with Omega 3 DHA and EPA are one of the most popular supplements in the US?

However, most fish oil capsules are actually gone off and can wreak havoc on your health! 

oxidized fish oil
Even though Marine Omega 3 DHA and EPA oils derived from fish, krill, shellfish and algae are renowned for their myriad of health benefits. They have been clinically proven to enhance cardiovascular health, offer protection from neurodegenerative disease, support metabolic health and reduce overall chronic inflammation.
However, marine oil from fish, krill and shellfish are highly susceptible to oxidation—this means that they can ‘oxidize’, spoil and go rancid easily. As fish oil oxidizes, toxic byproducts begin to form. These oxidation byproducts are what give off the unpleasant smell and taste of rancid fish.
Have you ever experienced ‘fishy’ burbs or an upset tummy after consuming a cod liver oil capsule?

If so, you know that you have eaten rancid, oxidized fish oil. At a restaurant, you would send back a fillet of gone off salmon. Yet, why would you spend on gone off fish oil capsules? 
What's more, is that gone off fish oil capsules are NOT good for you at all and can cause a host of health issues. 
Believe it or not, one study on humans found that oxidized fish oils caused organ damage and atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease; catalyzed carcinogenic gene mutations and Alzheimer’s disease. A pretty poor prognosis for a high price tag ‘health supplement’! Another study showed that oxidized fish oils can exacerbate non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in mice.

Fear not as there is a solution to obtaining your essential Omega 3 DHA without consuming rancid fish oils. Simply follow these steps:

1. Eat fresh fish.
2. Supplement with Algae derived Omega 3, such as O3Smoothies!
3. Stay away from the fishy capsules! 
Vegan algae derived Omega 3 DHA does not oxidize, delivers bioavailable (absorbable) DHA and EPA to humans. Just try it for yourself. 


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