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  • Four Incredible Benefits of MCT & Algae Omega DHA

    The key to optimising your health involves reducing inflammation. Algae sourced Omega DHA and MCT are the Super Anti-inflammatory Pair 

     Increase your wellbeing by rebalancing your Omega 3 to 6 ratios, super charge your brain and body with anti- inflammatory Algae DHA combined with MCT from coconuts.

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  • How to stay in Ketosis while staying at home

    Staying at home will probably be our greatest contribution to flatten the curve of this pandemic outbreak. If you’re one of those who chose to cancel outdoor activities to stay at home, that’s great! You must have stock up on essential things such as food, for this matter.  Taking care of oursel... View Post
  • Available Now: Virun® Releases Three New O3Omega™ Flavors

    O3Omega Smoothies have been such a hit over the last two years, Virun® is expanding their delicious lineup to give customers more of what they want. 

    Coming this fall, O3Omega Smoothies will release three new exciting flavors! 

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