How to stay in Ketosis while staying at home

How to stay in Ketosis while staying at home

Staying at home will probably be our greatest contribution to flatten the curve of this pandemic outbreak. If you’re one of those who chose to cancel outdoor activities to stay at home, that’s great! You must have stock up on essential things such as food, for this matter. 

Taking care of ourselves is just as important as anything else. And for those who have a Ketogenic Lifestyle, this means staying in the state of Ketosis while staying at home.  

So, if you’re on a Keto Diet, how did you prepare before going on a lockdown?       

Here are some tips you can do at home to keep your Keto Lifestyle and stay in Ketosis. 

  1. Drink lots of water. Staying hydrated is important on the Keto diet, so drink lots of cool refreshing water. Avoid fruit juices and sugared colas, but drink as much water as you want.
  2. Incorporate periodic fasting. Avoiding eating after dark is one way to fast, but there are other methods as well.
  3. Start moving! Whether it’s cleaning your whole house, or dancing to a beat, exercising is also an important part to stay in Ketosis. 
  4. Maintain adequate protein intake. Staying at home doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want.   
  5. Include Coconut Oil in your diet. It contains fats called medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). It can help you maintain Ketosis. 
  6. Most importantly, stock up on healthy fat sources. 

Stocking up on the right types of fat sources could be a challenge when you’ll be staying home for quite a long time. 

O3Omega® Smoothies are packed with 400mg DHA per serving and 3,000mg MCT from coconut oil. These are healthy types of fats. It will support a ketogenic type of diet. The good news is it comes in flavors you crave. Even more good news is that it’s easy to stock up.

Choose what flavors suit your taste, stay at home, and stay in Ketosis! 

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