Why I use DHA-Omega 3 to boost my immune system (and maybe you should too)

When it comes to boosting the immune system, a lot of people always tend to rely on Vitamin C and other citrus fruits and juices. There’s nothing wrong about it. 

Our immune system is a defense system that protects organisms from invading pathogens, such as viruses or bacteria. Thus, strengthening it will help us fight diseases. But faced against virus, pathogens, and bacteria, Vitamin C may not be enough.    

Recent studies published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information website show that DHA-Omega 3 enhances the function of immune B cells. 

“Immune cells can be broadly divided into two main categories according to their properties and defense mechanisms: cells of the innate and cells of the adaptive immune system. Cells from the adaptive immune system, namely B cells and T cells, have a higher level of specificity, but their activation is delayed. Coordination of the different immune cells and regulation of their activity is of crucial importance for mounting an effective immune defense. Although the specific mechanisms of action of omega-3 fatty acid regulation of immune cells function present several cell type-specific features, it is worth mentioning that omega-3 fatty acids, via in vitro stimulation or via dietary supplementation, effectively incorporate into the cellular membrane of all the immune cells investigated to date.”

This means taking DHA-Omega 3 utilizes a different combative pathway, than Vitamin C. 

There has been a great progress made on understanding the effects of Omega-3 fatty acids on the cells of the immune system. In fact, Omega-3 is one of the most highly researched vitamins on the market. Some of its benefits include:  

  • Omega-3 helps support cognitive health and/or brain function.
  • Omega-3 helps maintain and support cardiovascular health.
  • Omega-3 is a powerful helper of the brain, eye, and nerve development of children and adults.
  • Omega-3 contributes to feelings of fullness and satiety.

Although our body can’t produce Omega-3 essential fatty acids on its own, good thing is that we can get it through food and supplements. 

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