Available Now: Virun® Releases Three New O3Omega™ Flavors

Available Now: Virun® Releases Three New O3Omega™ Flavors

O3Omega Smoothies have been such a hit over the last two years, Virun® is expanding their delicious lineup to give customers more of what they want. 

O3Omega Smoothies has released three new exciting flavors! 

O3Omega Smoothies Churro Flavor

Churro Flavor is sure to indulge all of your senses. The spicy aroma of cinnamon paired with the flavor of sweet sugary dough is a Mexican favorite that will make you feel like you are on vacation everyday. 

O3Omega Smoothies Movie Theater Butter Popcorn

Movie Theater Butter Popcorn Flavor is better (and healthier) than what you’ll find at the theater down the street. The smooth, rich buttery flavor will make boring microwavable popcorn exciting again without the chemicals and calories found in traditional movie theater popcorn.

O3Omega Smoothies Strawberry French Toast

Strawberry French Toast Flavor is what brunch dreams are made of. The sweet taste of fresh, juicy strawberries and french toast is perfect for breakfast on the go or with a side of bottomless mimosas.

O3Omega Smoothies are unlike any other omega-3 supplement. Virun’s® cutting-edge technologies deliver 3000 mg of MCTs and 400 mg of the highest quality DHA available. With six (soon to be 9) delicious flavors, no fishy burps, better absorption than capsules, and 100% vegan.

O3Omega Smoothies are available in 16 ounce bottles - a one month supply, online or in stores throughout North America.


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