Ease Anxiety, Create MORE focus, MORE energy, and MORE productivity (with this strange fat...)

There are TONS of focus, memory and nootropic supplements on the internet these days.

Not an hour goes by when I don't see and ad for one.

We all want to ease anxiety, have more energy and more focus. So we can be more productive and feel proud of the work we do.

But it's hard to know which one to pick.

Even if they offer different ingredients, all the companies tout the same benefits.

The REAL question you should be asking is...

Is what is the key ingredient your brain needs to keep you sharp and mentally youthful all your life?

When Nick and I started our company, we knew the #1 missing ingredient was ultra-beneficial essential fatty acids.  

And not just any type of fatty acids...

...But ONLY omega-3 fatty acids have been proven to slow aging, boost brain function, improve mood, and reduce dangerous inflammation.  

Did you know...your body cannot make omega-3s?  

And if you happen to eat the Standard American Diet (SAD) – which most developed nations on the planet eat – you are not getting enough of this vital nutrient in your diet.

Omega-3's Support Brain Cognition, Ease Anxiety, and Repair Your Aging Brain

Omega-3 Fatty Acid: DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) is found in the highest concentrations in seafood (mackerel, salmon, cod liver oil, herring, oysters, sardines, anchovies) and marine algae.  

DHA is critical to brain development, growth, and function from infancy throughout adulthood.  

Deficiency in this essential nutrient has been linked to learning disabilities, behavioral disorders, and a higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease.  

It is the most critical omega-3 and the one most likely to be limited or missing entirely from the diet.

Unfortunately, getting the highest quality DHA can be difficult, expensive, or downright distasteful since the best versions are found in marine omegas.  

That's why Nick and I were determined to create a formula that provided the highest quality DHA from algae (no more fishy burps!) combined with MCT from sustainable coconuts in amazing flavors with superior bioavailability.

Oil-based compounds like omega DHA and MCT are difficult for the body to absorb, because the body absorbs water, and let’s face it, oil and water don’t mix.  

Absorption of these compounds only happens after the body wraps a ‘micelle’ around each nanoparticle of oil, and many particles are shed by the body’s natural processes before ever having the chance to absorb.  

Our Omega-3 Smoothies changed that using our patented nano-encapsulation technology, mimicking the body’s own process of wrapping insoluble compounds in micelles.  

This process prepares the omega DHA and MCT for absorption and increases the body’s ability to absorb these nutrients by up to 470%.    

Quality guaranteed:  Omega-3 Smoothies brings you the highest quality omega DHA/MCT supplement available. To guarantee our quality, we took control of manufacturing.  

We own an FDA-certified organic, GMP-compliant research and development, manufacturing, and packaging facility in California. Our product is tested and confirmed heavy metal-free, Prop 65 Compliant, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

You get nothing but the good stuff.  

Omega-3 Smoothies are formulated to provide essential fatty acids in a highly bioavailable, great tasting smoothie that fits your lifestyle.  

Packed with 400 mg of clean, sustainable algal omega DHA and 3,000 mg of MCTs (responsibly derived from coconuts) in each 1 tablespoon serving.  

Our concentration of omega-3 DHA is more than the national and international recommended dose for optimal cardiovascular health.

Choose an all-natural, versatile formula that fits your lifestyle. They can be taken straight from a spoon, mixed into beverages (coffee, milk, milk alternative, or your favorite protein shake), used in your recipes, poured over ice cream, pancakes, or salad.  


I'll even show you how to get your hands on it.  

- Philip Bromley
Co-Founder, Scientist, & Omega-3 Lover
O3 Smoothies

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A healthy, productive brain requires the right nutrition. Period. And if you aren't supplying YOUR brain with nutrients that actually get absorbed, you're just pissing away your money.
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