Are your brain supplements actually doing anything?

Dear Reader,


I've seen a lot of big promises on the internet regarding your brain health...All sorts of supplements and "protocols" that can supposedly reverse Alzheimer's and dementia.

Yes, I'm sure they're backed up with scientific studies...

But either way, there IS one HUGE problem.

The supplements they'll sell you rarely the right DELIVERY technology inside.

That's what Nick and I knew when we started our company an developed Mucosal Adhesive Penetrating Technology (MAPT).

It's a patented specialized delivery system for oral insulin.

But we didn't stop there. Becasue we wanted to bring our knowledge to the everyday person...The people who NEED their nutrients to do as much work as possible.

We now have 80 patents and patents pending on different types of technologies and delivery systems.

Obviously, the US Patent and Trademark Office doesn't jus hand out patents unless you can demonstrate some real value.

My point is we're on the cutting edge of absoption and bioavailability.

And if you're not seein the results you want from your brain and cognitive health supplements...

I have something special for you today.

It's our #1 method for deliveriing the BEST brain nutrient on the market.

You'll get MAXIMUM absorption of this key nutrient... And you'll have the quick thinking and crisp memory promised to you.


- Philip Bromley

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